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Supporting leaders and executives

on their journey of vertical development

Adelyn Andersen

Executive, Leadership &

Team Coach




I was engaged in a 6 months coaching course with Adelyn. Adelyn is very knowledgeable and insightful, she helped me navigate several key topics such as leadership skills, career management, project management and feedback provision. She was very flexible and structured in her approach. Her style of coaching motivates analytical thinking and leads to long term positive impact by helping people identifying and focusing on their real priorities. Overall I was extremely satisfied with the results achieved in course and I look forward to engage with Adelyn in the future. 

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Kassem Younes, FCCA, CFE

Managing Director 


Coaching executives and leaders towards vertical development, creative leadership, clear vision and avoiding burn out.



Adelyn has been working with expats in leadership positions and global leaders since 2012 providing training to be effective working and leading global teams. Certified as a professional coach, she is passionate in supporting leaders on their vertical development journey to be creative leaders. Being an outcome focused coach, her coaching style drives result, improves relationship with key stakeholders, create self-awareness, support clients to have a balanced professional and personal life. 

Trained in Organisation & Relationship Systems Coaching, she works with leaders to create high performing teams that supports the paradigm shift of individual intelligence to collective intelligence, team alignment towards goals, supporting teams through change process, as well as managing team toxins and conflicts. The outcome of the team coaching process stimulates inspiration, positivity, innovation, collaboration and trust.  

Adelyn’s work experiences had been with a variety of industries from financial services, publishing, food & beverage airport retail, real estate, non-profit organisations, leisure, hospitality and consulting in the capacity of sales, marketing, association manager, entrepreneur, facilitator, consultant and coach.  

Grown up in Singapore, she lived and worked in Indonesia, London, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Dubai and worked with many other countries. As a global citizen, she understands different cultures, values and backgrounds of the diverse clients and teams she worked with, providing insights on helping clients through challenges in the global environment. 

She is a volunteer coach with Humanitarian Coaching Network supporting humanitarian staff from the United Nations. 

Currently living in Dubai, Adelyn continues to work with clients in Dubai and Europe.  She is also coaching and training clients virtually from North & South America, Asia, Middle East and Europe. 


Current Role 


  • Adelyn Andersen Coaching & Consulting – Executive, Leadership & Team Coach

  • Pluma, Inc. - Executive & Leadership Coach 

  • Aperian Global – Senior Consultant 

  • IOR – Intercultural Consultant 

  • World Trade Resource – Coach & Facilitator 

  • Volunteer Coach for The Humanitarian Coaching Network (HCN supports the development and wellbeing of UN staff globally) 

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