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Executive & Leadership Coaching

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Coaching is professional facilitated change and transformation. It is a two-step process where you learn more about yourself and you move forward into action towards your goal. It supports executives through their journey of professional development. It evokes self-awareness, supports behavioral change, create focus and followed by accountability to achieve the coaching goals. 

Coaching 1:1

Leadership Development Programme 

Most effective for leaders striving for vertical development and leadership competencies.

Optional Assessment:

  • Using Leadership Circle Profile

  • Leadership Culture Survey

Coaching 1:1

Executive Development Programme


Preparing executives for growth journey towards a leadership position.

Provide support on professional challenges. 


Expat Assignment Briefing for Executives



This is a pre-departure programme specially designed to support senior leaders and executives on expat assignment.

Coaching focus will be personal and professional transition to the new position, to lead and work effectively in different cultures.    

Country Briefing for

Expat & Spouse


This is a programme for expatriates on short-term or long-term assignment. The briefing will cover the cultural norms, business and social protocols, and country-specific questions.


Country focused on Singapore, Dubai, Denmark and many more

Session could include accompanying spouse.

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