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All workshops are tailored according to your needs.  

  • Half-day to full-day workshops

  • Virtual presentations and facilitation

  • Virtual facilitation for global teams

Please find here the available options:

Change Management Workshop

The objective of this programme is to introduce change management principles and methodologies in an experiential setting, with the aim of creating an awareness and understanding of the change process along with the practical knowledge and skills required to effectively manage change both personally and organizationally thus ensuring sustainable change. 

  • Tackling Team & Organisation Issues

  • Mergers & Acquisitions 

  • Reorganisations

  • Culture shifts 

  • Resistant to change 

  • High Turnover

Team Coaching Workshop

Team coaching leverage the collective power, knowledge and experience that exists within a team. Coaching works on common ailments that plague teams and work environment:

  • Ineffective and toxic communication 

  • Low team morale or burnout

  • Conflict avoidance & non resolution

  • Silo mentality and poor collaboration 

  • Confusion about roles on a team

  • Intercultural conflicts and misunderstandings.

Cultural Agility

In A Diverse Team

Using a globally validated assessment tool, teams are aware of similarities and gaps in the way they communicate, make decisions, and work together. It is the agility to adapt to differences within the team to create an inclusive environment for a diverse team.

This presentation is also useful for teams and global businesses who need to be interconnected or working virtually but suffer from cultural misperceptions which reduce team performance across different regions.

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